About Us

About Houston Mercantile Exchange

HMX was established to help create efficient execution of commodity transactions across a broad range of commodity products and industrial materials. In addition to state of the art exchange technology, HMX also provides customers with the efficiency of post execution transaction integration into mid and back office systems. The founders of HMX have commercial, technical and financial backgrounds in the commodity industry and believe that customer satisfaction is not only driven by innovative technology, but the application of commercial knowledge around the technology supported by excellent customer service. We are committed to innovating and improving transaction processes for buyers, sellers and traders in both established markets and those in the early stages of finding liquidity and transparency. HMX is based in the energy capital of the world - Houston, Texas.


Eric T. Paulsen - President & CEO

Eric is co-founder of Houston Mercantile Exchange and leads the commercial and business development efforts of the company. He was formerly Vice President of the Commodity Exchange for ChemConnect, Inc. and was instrumental in the development and growth of the commodity exchange business including the acquisitions of Chematch and Chalkboard.

Prior to ChemConnect, Eric was co-founder and principal in the strategic consulting and merger and acquisition advisory company Plassein Partners where among other transactions, he initiated, developed and completed the rollup acquisition of a number of plastic film processing companies. Eric has over 30 years of experience in developing and managing businesses in commodity trading and financial transaction services with companies such as Enron, Texas Gas and CSX.

Eric holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Texas Tech University.