About the HMX Platform

The Global Electronic Marketplace for a Nexus of Traditional, Transitional and Low Carbon Energy

The HMX platform is an over-the-counter (OTC) electronic transaction platform for downstream and midstream energy products such as natural gas liquids, refined and intermediate fuels, petrochemicals, and commodity plastics. Additionally, markets for related products such as hydrogen and fertilizer combine to provide an integrated venue for growth into future energy and fuels markets.

The technology platform is internet-based with a functionality designed for and with the input of industry participants. Contracts cover the major geographic trading hubs in North America, Europe and Asia and include a wide range of contract structures and terms. Key attributes of the platform are:

  • Single-click, direct access to multiple markets
  • Hit/Lift OR Negotiation capability
  • Bilateral physical transactions
  • Real-time market data including market depth
  • Straight through processing – back office integration API
  • Equal participant access to markets
  • Pre and post-trade transparency
  • Firm orders
  • Complete actions logging and full audit trail
  • User-friendly help menu system


In addition to a standard bid/ask marketplace, the HMX platform can allow participants to run auction events in a variety of formats. In addition to specific products, auctions events can be useful for such markets as pipeline capacity, fractionation or storage capacity and dedicated term or spot waterborne dock loading space among other applications.


Participant companies include producers, consumers, distributors, traders, transportation and logistics companies and financial institutions within each product class. Participant companies must be qualified investors or commercial entities and must execute the standard HMX User Agreement

Operating Methodology & Business Rules

Posted bids and offers on the platform are transmitted over the internet through state of the art encryption technology in real time. All bids and offers are completely anonymous, however, all bids and offers are fully transparent to all participants in the market. Counterparties are revealed to one another only upon satisfactory negotiation or acceptance of transaction terms. The HMX platform contains a built in credit management matrix for bilateral transactions that is individually and securely managed by each participant company. The system security will not allow a participant company to transact with a counterparty for which it does not have pre-existing matching credit terms. Bilateral transactions settle through physical delivery at the appropriate agreed delivery location.