Houston Mercantile Exchange operates an independent and neutral online commodity transaction platform for over-the-counter (OTC) transactions in downstream and midstream energy products including crude oil, refined products, NGL’s, petrochemicals plastics and related markets such as fertilizer and hydrogen.

As the global energy complex transitions to multiple sources of fuels and feedstocks, we believe a common, integrated transaction platform for physically related products provides a unique and efficient way to transact across the spectrum.

HMX has combined the key elements essential for pre-trade price discovery, flexible transaction structure, efficient execution and post-trade transaction processing

  • Proprietary, leading edge technology
  • Highly flexible transaction structures – NOT one size fits all
  • Related markets and products
  • Straight through processing with integration to CME ConfirmHub

Participant companies include producers, consumers and distributors of these products as well as traders and financial institutions. The HMX platform is an electronic marketplace designed and developed with the input and insight of industry participants in each specific product sector to meet the specific nuances of each market.